Breaking News: Is Amazon Going To Set Up Headquarters In Charlotte NC?

What’s going on in Charlotte, NC? In a city that big, there is always a lot of news. However, perhaps there is no bigger news at the moment for Charlotte than the fact that Amazon might just come plant seeds in the city so to speak. The mega company is deciding which city is going to be its new headquarters. Can you imagine a tech company like Amazon calling Charlotte NC its headquarters and not some city in Silicon Valley?

Think about how brilliant that move is, and I’m not afraid to say it would be exactly that, brilliant. It is a move that speaks volumes about how Amazon does business. It is truly exciting, and I can just imagine what that move is going to do for so many people. It reminds me of the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson about forging your own path. That’s what you do as an innovator, God in the lead of course. This move hasn’t happened yet, but if it does, what a move.

The people of Charlotte are getting excited, and I really hope this move happens. It would continue to show that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the people surrounding him know how to run a business. The talk of this move alone is sending a rippling effect throughout the US, and if the move ends up happening, it is absolutely genius.

You just can’t write it any better. In so many ways, a headquarters for Amazon in Charlotte is a chess move and exactly what leadership is about. Build that bridge across the entire country, and wow, just wow. I mean I couldn’t be any more excited about this move that truly has nothing to do with me. What a day for American business and America in general if this happens.