Keeping The Apartment Odor Free

To most of us the pets are something more than the mere animals who keep roaming in the home – they are family. Unfortunately, these family members often tend to leave some odor behind which is never desirable. Even though you may get used to the smell of the pet, those who visit your Charlotte Apartments may notice this weird smell as soon as they enter the apartment. It can also become a real problem when you have to entertain or you are going to list the apartment for sale. However, there are some actions that can be taken for lessening that unwanted odor of the pets. So read on and get rid of that odor.

One of the most effective ways of keeping odors away is ensuring that all the supplies of the pet are regularly cleaned. It can include washing dishes, running load of the toys that are washing machine-friendly and laundering the pillows/bedding used by your pet every week. Do not forget cleaning the areas which come in contact with the pet, like the bed and couch. Remove all the pillows, cushions, and everything else, and the furniture should be vacuumed thoroughly.

Candles and plug-ins can help you to make the rooms of your rental pet-friendly apartment pleasant, but you are not going to remove any of the offending odors, you are just looking to cover them up this way. It can result in so many weird smells.

Neutralizers or natural ionizers can be used on the bad smell sources and can eliminate the smell effectively. It can be useful if the pet had an accident. Just consider these anti-odor products as reaction of some incident that caused any foul scent, but not as the preventative measure.

Baking soda can be considered as a low-cost, eco-friendly item which can be used in several different ways to protect your pet friendly apartment, like absorbing the pet’s smell. Just like some open box placed in the fridge can be helpful in reducing the bad smells, if you leave baking soda throughout the apartment it will naturally absorb all odors. If you do not want to place the boxes everywhere as they don’t sight too good then it is best to use smaller decorative bowls. It can also be a good idea to sprinkle little amounts of the baking soda onto the furniture and into the carpets. It should then be left overnight and then vacuumed next day. Along with that you can also use baking soda for treating any accidents or stains that your pets cause and it is also safe to add the baking soda to litter box for reducing the smell.

Finally, the filters should be kept fresh. In case if pet odor reaches the air conditioning or furnace filters, smell will keep circulating continuously throughout your apartment in Charlotte. So it is advisable to keep checking the filters and clean or change them once in a while.