Sad Charlotte NC News

There has been some interesting but sad news recently in Charlotte, North Carolina. A fraternity at the University of North Carolina has been suspended for the upcoming next four years in regards to acts of hazing. A spokesman for the University said that the suspension began on May 23, 2017. The suspension was put into effect after an investigation into hazing at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

The investigation was opened after an anonymous source reported about the hazing incident. The hazing occurrence took place in the springtime during a new member initiation and education process. The spokesman for the University related the facts that the hazing included humiliating and degrading activities and games, physical abuse, and coerced consumption of food and alcohol.

The unfortunate incident appeared to have taken place at an off campus house of the fraternity. The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity accepted all responsibility. The fraternity will be suspended until August, 2021. The campus police did not investigate the incident and there were no charges filed against the fraternity by any students. All such incidents that happen off campus fall under the jurisdiction of the Charlotte police.

In another sad story it appears that a woman was charged with a DUI and afterwards sent to prison. The woman was given a sentence of 12 to 15 years for driving under the influence and being responsible for causing an automobile wreck that killed a 79-year-old grandmother. What makes this story even sadder is that this was not the first incident of her being caught while driving drunk.

This woman previously had 3 DUIs and was convicted on two of them. Many in the courtroom wondered how this woman was still able to possess a valid motor vehicle license. After further investigation it was determined that this woman was still able to drive because of the following reasons.

At her first conviction, she pleaded to a lesser charge which avoided a DUI conviction. The second reason was that she was convicted later in South Carolina for a DUI but the authorities were unaware of her previous conviction in North Carolina.